Canadian Wildlife Federation Releases Little Brown Bat PSA

May 23, 2013 / Canada, North America

The Little Brown Bat is the focus of a new Canadian public service announcement.

Part of the Hinterland Who’s Who (HWW) series put out by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF), the video highlights what was once the most common and widely distributed bat species in Canada.

The one-minute long clip presents interesting facts about the species and touches on the issues the bats face with the spread of white-nose syndrome.

Ever since the appearance of White Nose Syndrome in Canada, CWF has been greatly preoccupied by the dwindling number of Little Brown Bats. Alongside scientists, we’ve been working hard to help figure out what can be done to ensure that the species remains part of our biodiversity. Luckily, the public can help, and learning more about this amazing bat via HWW is a great start! Wade Luzny, Canadian Wildlife Federation CEO and Executive Vice-President

Accompanying the PSA, the CWF has published out an accompanying fact sheet on Little Brown Bats on their website.

The Little Brown Bat is the Focus of the Latest HWW PSA [Canadian Wildlife Federation]

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