French Firefighters Assist Small Dog Trapped in Cavity

March 6, 2013 / France, Europe

Montbard, France

A small dog is safe after spending the night in a trapped in a cavity at the base of a rock face in central France.

On Sunday, March 3rd, Montbard firefighters were called to the cliff to try and rescue eight year old Amance after she became stuck in the cavity.

Despite all their efforts, by nightfall, Amance was still trapped in the small opening.

Realising that the dog would survive for days in the cavity, they departed for the evening.

On their return on Monday morning, the little dog came out of the hole as they arrived. It is assumed that their efforts to clear the entrance to the cavity the previous day allowed the animal to make its own escape.

un chien coincé depuis hier dans une cavité [], Un chien coincé dans une cavité [] & le chien s’en est sorti []

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