New Book Announced: Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales

February 5, 2013 / England, United Kingdom, Europe
Cover of Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales.

Cover of Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales. Photo via BCRA

A new book on the caves and karst of the Yorkshire Dales has been announced.

Set to be released in March 2013 by British Cave Research Association, Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales is touted as essential reading for every serious caver who enjoys the great caves of the Dales.

This new book compiles the work of 20 authors, all experts in their own fields, to give readers a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the great cave systems and spectacular karst landforms in the limestone regions of the Yorkshire Dales.

Edited by Tony Waltham and David Lowe, this long-awaited successor to Limestones and Caves of Northwest England comes in 264 pages, having been expanded to fit all the new discoveries, both above and below ground.

Containing 165 maps and diagrams, nearly 50 tables, and over 350 color photographs, this first volume describes the features of the Yorkshire Dales in sixteen chapters covering topics such as geology, history of the glaciations, karst landforms, limestone pavements, origins of the caves, karst hydrology, cave bone deposits and cave archaeology.

A second companion Volume Two will contain further detail describing all the larger and more important cave systems is set to be released next year.

For more information or to pre-order yourself a copy – there is a special introductory price of £20.00 (~$31.50 USD + shipping) until June 30th, 2013 – visit the BCRA Bookshop website.

A major new book from BCRA, Edited by Tony Waltham and David Lowe [BCRA Bookshop]

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