Retired New Jersey Artist Recreates Ancient Cave Paintings

Animal Cave Art from inside Lascaux.

Animal Cave Art from inside Lascaux. Photo by Prof saxx/Wikipedia

A retired mechanical designer living in Hewitt, New Jersey has taken up reproducing cave art on large boulders on his property.

Using acrylic paints coated with polyurethane, self-taught artist Michael Byro has recreated 16 paleolithic cave paintings from the France’s famous Lascaux and Chauvet caves to Spain’s Cave of Altamira.

Although recreating a whole cave was out of the question, by reading books and searching the Internet Byro has been able to find enough information to reproduce individual paintings from many of the caves.

My interest in cave art, made me want to copy some of the images in order to show the public the beauty of these ancient paintings. I’m in love with it. Michael Byro, Artist

Besides the outdoor artworks, there are also an additional 14 cave art recreations displayed inside.

One of this many hobbies, Byro has also taken an interest in reproducing Mexican folk art, painting, sculpture and even baking.

Artist recreates cave paintings [The West Milford Messenger]

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