Poll: Have you ever dressed as a caver for Halloween?

October 1, 2012
An Excellent Bat Costume

Photo by mrdorkesq/flickr

Now that it’s October it’s time to start getting thinking of ideas for your Halloween costume.

In this week’s poll we want to know just how many folks out there have popped on their dirty caving gear and went out as a caver for Halloween.

If you did, we’d love to know if it was planned ahead of time, or a last resort. Tell us in the comments below.

Have you ever dressed as a caver for Halloween?

Yes 57% (26 Votes)
No 43% (20 Votes)

  Total Voters: 46

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Last Week’s Poll Results

While only about 60% of folks answered that their animals were attracted to their dirty caving gear, some of them, like Anthony Ledford’s boxer, may be as fond of caves as we are.

Thanks for all the responses! We’re always surprised with the interesting results.

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