Cavers Continue to Discover Scotland’s Underground Secrets

August 29, 2012 / Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe

Grampian Speleological GroupScottish cavers are celebrating the rare discovery of a number of new caves near Appin, in Argyll.

The cavers, members of the Grampian Speleological Group, found around 200 meters (656 feet) of new passage in the caves, with the longest cave measuring in at about 100 meters (328 feet) long.

Scotland’s largest caving group with over 150 members, the Grampian Speleological Group celebrated their 50th anniversary last year with the discovery of the beautifully decorated Applecross Cave.

These are exciting discoveries and demonstrate there is still great potential for exploration in Scotland. Despite Appin being recognised as one of only a small number of caving areas in the country, it seems likely that there is more to find. So we’ve been concentrating our searches in this area. As we map these new discoveries, we would hope to find even more passage to add to the growing Scottish total. Ross Davidson, Grampian Speleological Group Caving Coordinator

The surveying of the discoveries is now ongoing.

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