MayaCon 2012: NSS Convention Update #1

June 25, 2012 / West Virginia, United States, North America / By Dean Wiseman
The NSS Board of Directors gets ready to convene its Monday Business session

Photo by Dean Wiseman

Greetings from Lewisburg, West Virginia!

With over 1,000 cavers pre-registered for this annual event, the 2012 NSS Convention is set to be a fantastic event! This year’s Convention is looking to be one of the most well-attended Conventions, ever. Cavers from all over the country could be seen rolling into town and setting up their tents in the campground.

For participants who arrived early, there was a Geology Field Trip, which was both well-attended and thoroughly enjoyed. Anyone driving through and around the Lewisburg vicinity can’t help but notice the striking karst features around and in town.

On the Convention grounds, Sunday was a day of setting up, preparing, and planning… Vendors and Salons were busy installing, setting up, and getting the wheels turning. In similar fashion, the Fine Arts and other Salons were busy getting the entries installed and in presentable fashion. Everyone is busy and working hard.

Let the Games begin! The 2012 Vertical Rope Climbing Contest is on...

Photo by Dean Wiseman

In addition to the Salons and Vendors, this year’s Convention has a remarkable 3-D, nearly 360-degree image taken from Cedar Ridge Crystal Cave, a highly decorated cave located in southern Tennessee, north of Chattanooga.

Sunday was definitely not a day of rest for NSS Leadership. The Board of Directors met for a 4-hour Strategic Planning session in order to finalize the draft of the working Strategic Plan. It was an enormously productive session, and the consensus is that the Board will have a enacted Strategic Plan for the NSS. The key themes of this plan involve increasing our Membership, improving organizational efficiency, as well as enhancing our science, exploration and conservation efforts.

All in all, it’s a very exciting start… and we hope if you have a chance, to please come over and enjoy our Convention. ¡Viva Mayacon 2012!

Cave softly…

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