Funds Announced to Protect Bengaongao Cave

August 23, 2011 / Philippines, Asia
Bengaongao Cave

Photo by boowwet

The Phillipine Government has announced funding for Bengaongao Cave in Ambongdolan. The local government of Tublay, will invest 800,000 Phillipine pesos (~19,000 USD) to improve the cave.

This came after a visit to the cave by Governor Nestor Fongwan who pointed out some concerns, such as steep and slippery steps that are lacking railings.

The plan for the funds is that, half will be spent on waterworks for the comfort rooms, one quarter to clear the entrance to the cave, and the final quarter will be spent on repairing the steps and railings.

Unfortunatly, the rest of the caves in the area will have to wait for other available funding to be able to undergo repairs.

Funds set to protect Bengaongao caves [Sun Star via Karst Worlds]

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