Kartchner Caverns Bug Night 2011

August 13, 2011 / Arizona, United States, North America

Kartchner Caverns Bug Night 2011Kartchner Caverns State Park is hosting Bug Night 2011, a special science series program on August 27th at 6:00PM. The program will allow the public to explore the complex and often misunderstood world of bugs.

With a special focus on the bugs of Southeast Arizona and specifically those that call Kartchner Caverns home, two local entomologists, Robert Pape and Carl Olson will explain why all bugs are actually good.

Robert Pape, a volunteer research scientist for Arizona State Parks will start our evening by revealing how our understanding of the underground world of cave invertebrates at Kartchner Caverns has grown over the past few years.

Next, Carl Olson, the Associated Curator of the Entomology Research Insect Collection and Lecturer at the University of Arizona, Department of Entomology and the Center for Insect Science, will educate attendees on the benefits of bugs.

The talks will be followed by an outdoor demonstration and exploration of Kartchner’s insect world.

For more information visit the Kartchner Caverns State Park website, or call their information line at (520) 586-4100.

Kartchner Caverns going “buggy” too! [Examiner]

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