Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers

HypoKarst Project Gains Traction

June 1, 2011

Although originally initiated in 2007, the HypoKarst project now finally has gained some traction. The idea is to coordinate and promote hypogene karst and speleogenesis research with the goal to “advance our understanding of solution conduit and void development in those parts of the sedimentary cover that lie below the domain of shallow unconfined groundwater flow systems.”

It is one of core projects of the UIS Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis Commission. Also, the Hypokarst Project succeeds the activity of the UIS Working Group on Hydrothermal Karst, which is suggested to merge with the KHS Commission. The reason for the latter is that hydrothermal karst is now recognized to be a variant of a broader speleogenetic family of hypogene karst, so that it ought to be approached from this common genetic ground.

For further details and to learn how you you can participate in the project, please visit Speleogenesis.

The HypoKarst Project announcement [Speleogenesis]

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