National Cave & Karst Research Institute Open House

JellyCat Barty BatThis Saturday May 14th, the National Cave & Karst Research Institute will be holding an open house at it’s new digs in Carlsbad. Interestingly, it is “the first building in the world to incorporate a bat roost as part of its design”, and it’s already had visitors.

Though no bats have yet taken up residence in the building, it is not expected to be much longer as bats have started to return to Carlsbad from their winter homes. The roost is monitored via a “bat cam” by the NCKRI and a team of biologists. They hope to build a better understanding of the needs of bats by observing what specific species visit and how they respond to the artifical roost.

As part of the open house, the National Cave & Karst Research Institute will kick off a new Adopt-A-Bat program. Adopting a bad will cost $25 USD, and will include a certificate of adoption, education information and JellyCat Barty Bat stuffed animal. Funds from the program will go towards maintenance and equipment for the bat roost.

For more information contact Ann Dowdy by telephone at 628-2702 or e-mail [email protected].

Cave & Karst open house set for Saturday [Current-Argus]

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