Mammoth Cave Book Authors to Attend Signing Event at Park

Mammoth Cave National Park Entrance Sign

Mammoth Cave National Park Entrance Sign. Photo via NPS

Three authors who have written books about Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave, the longest cave in the world, will be at the park for a book signing event on May 16th.

The signing, where visitors can chat with the authors and get their booked autographed, will take place between 11:00am and 2:00pm at the Eastern National book store inside the park visitor center.

Roger Brucker, author of The Caves Beyond, Beyond Mammoth Cave, Trapped, The Longest Cave, and Grand, Gloomy and Peculiar will be at the event along with Collen O’Connor Olson author of Nine Miles to Mammoth Cave, Prehistoric Cavers of Mammoth Cave, Mammoth Cave by Lantern Light, and co-author of Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave and Charlie Hanion, co-author of Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave.

Come out, enjoy your national park, and meet some of the people who have studied its stories. Mammoth Cave is a geologic wonder that has piqued people’s interest and curiosity for thousands of years. Sarah Craighead, Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent

Eastern National is the cooperating association for Mammoth Cave National Park and more than 150 other national park areas. Since its incorporation in 1948, Eastern National has donated over $100 million to the National Park Service, in the form of direct donations and grants.

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