Students Use Wisconsin’s Crystal Cave for Short Film Project

Students working on a project that honors one of the earliest computer games used Crystal Cave, Wisconsin’s longest cave, as their set.

Computer Graphics World reports that as part of a semester-long project to explore the convergence of cinema, animation and games, University of Wisconsin-Stout’s School of Art and Design instructors introduced students to Zork, a text-based computer game that first came out in 1980.

In tribute of its 35th anniversary this year, the students were tasked with using their imagination to create a short film or trailer for the game; a challenge for a game that is absent of visuals.

Students working on the live-action films delegated roles such as director, cinematographer and editor.

After some deliberation on where to film, the students decided on Crystal Cave near Spring Valley, Wisconsin, who generously donated the cave rental time. However, the students had to wait until spring when the cave’s bats concluded their winter hibernation.

Additional videos are available at the Stout Cinema+Games Student Videos page.

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