New Book Reveals Plight of Florida’s Artesian Springs

Silenced Springs: Moving from Tragedy to Hope book cover.

A new book released earlier this year investigates the current plight of Florida’s over 1,000 artesian springs whose flows have been reduced to a fraction of their former output.

Written by Dr. Robert L. Knight, Florida’s premier springs scientist, this book details Florida’s artesian springs former glory, how they came to be impaired, and the hopeful path to their eventual restoration and protection.

Dr. Knight weaves his personal experiences with technical data that document how Florida’s springs and aquifer are being depleted and polluted due to a combination of blind ignorance and willful greed.

Old Timers who swam in Ichetucknee Springs in the 1920s called it ”the Boil”. They remember that the spring flowed at a much higher rate than today. Many of the Old Timers remember that you could see the boil was at least 3 inches higher than the water surface. The boil was so strong you could not swim across it. According to several Old Timers you could hear the water boiling out of the spring before you could see it. One said that you could hear it about 300 feet away. No one hears the Ichetucknee Head Spring boil today. While the spring still flows it has lost at least one quarter of its historic flow. It is silent now as are so many springs in Florida.

Cleverly titled Silenced Spring in what can only be a nod to Rachel Carson’s breakthrough book about indiscriminate use of pesticides, Silent Spring. This book too serves as a wake-up call to the millions of ordinary people who enjoy the refreshing, clear water of healthy springs.

Available online via the Florida Springs Institute website, copies of the book can be purchased for $21.20 USD plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

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