No Recreational Diving at Florida’s Wakulla Springs

September 5, 2012 / Florida, United States, North America
Florida's Wakulla Springs as it empties into the Wakulla River

Photo by Tim Ross/Wikipedia

This past Tuesday officials from the Florida Park Service announced that the 26-year-old policy to prohibit recreational cave diving at Florida’s Wakulla Springs will remain in effect, despite the recent push from divers to change the rule.

Earlier this year a number of meetings were held, involving divers and scientists on both sides, to debate the issue of recreational diving in the spring, one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the world.

In the end, importance on public safety and protecting the important archaeological site, which contains the bones of at least nine extinct species, won out.

Currently, the only dives allowed in Wakulla Springs are for scientific research and requires a special permit. Three other springs at the site remain open for recreational diving.

No recreational diving in Wakulla Spring []

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