Caver Falls During Trip in Georgia’s Ellison’s Cave

A group of cavers ran into trouble while exploring Georgia’s Ellison’s Cave this past Sunday, when one member of the party fell some 9 to 12 meters (30 to 40 feet).

Rescuers were called about 6:30 pm to look for a 54-year-old caver who had disappeared when he fell. His three companions called out to him, but they heard no response.

Despite the fall occurring shortly after 4:00 pm, it took over two hours for one of the cavers in the group, the other two stayed behind, to reach the surface and call for help.

Once on the scene rescuers were able to locate and stabilize the man, who had been unconscious for over two hours. He had sustained a broken leg.

Due to the difficult and complex rescue, crews predict that they won’t be able to get the man out of the cave until at least mid-day today.

The experienced group of four cavers from Pennsylvania were visiting the cave to explore its deep pits.

Ellison’s cave in Georgia’s Walker County is known for it’s vertical pitches, which include the two deepest pits in the United States, the 179 meter (586 foot) deep Fantastic and 134 meter (440 foot) deep Incredible.

UPDATE: The man was pulled from the cave around 1:30 pm Monday. Upon arriving on the surface he was flown by Life Force to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga for further treatment.

Over one hundred crews participated in the rescue.

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