Hawaii’s Kanehili Ewa Karst Caves are Under Threat

March 11, 2013 / United States, North America
Kanehili Karst Cave.

Kanehili Karst Cave. Photo via John Bond

Hawaii’s Kanehili Ewa Karst Caves are allegedly under threat of destruction from Navy contractors.

John Bond of Kanehili Cultural Hui, an organization working to identify and preserve Ewa Hawaiian cultural sites, reports that the caves, some discovered as recently as earlier this month, are located beneath the Hawaiian Electric Company Power Line and PV Farm construction projects.

As part of the project, Hawaiian Electric Company is drilling down 9 feet below the surface to install a major 46 kV power line.

Despite that they will knowingly be they will be breaking into ancient Hawaiian caves just below ground with their boring and drilling equipment, the Navy has refused to undertake an Archaeological Inventory Survey.

Potential Artifact.

Potential Artifact. Image via John Bond

The entire Kanehili Ewa Karst area is a major ancient Hawaiian cultural site, with references in 1,000 year old chants of Hi’iaka.

Although many of the caves remain unexplored due to lack of proper equipment, with the only images of the insides resulting video camera lowered down into cave entrances, previous military records note Karst caves as large as railway cars.

Kanehili Cultural Hui is now working to alert news organizations on the mainland to bring awareness to this “major injustice.”

[via John Bond]

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