Cuban Scientists Seek to Protect World’s Largest Stalagmite

November 11, 2012 / Cuba, North America

Cuban scientists recently put forward a document suggesting the designation of Cueva Martin Infierno (Martin Inferno Cave) as a protected area.

First discovered in 1967, Cueva Martin Infierno is home to the worlds largest stalagmite, a giant behemoth standing over 60 meters (200 feet) high.

Located in a remote area in the province of Cienfuegosthe in the center-south of the island, the 793 meter (2600 foot) long cave allegedly contains two other large formations, which measure in at 13 and 10 meters (45 and 35 feet) high.

Although the cave was declared a National Monument in 1990, the scientists argue that awarding such a designation would encourage further development of eco-tourism in the region.

Científicos cubanos buscan proteger mayor estalagmita del mundo []

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