New Research Shows Most Bats Really Do Like The Dark

October 6, 2012 / Mexico, North America
The Full Moon

Photo by Gregory H. Revera/Wikimedia

A team of scientists studying bat behavior have discovered that they exhibit sort of a lunar phobia, in that bright moonlight causes bats to go become less active.

Biologists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico studied data on 26 different species from all over the world and discovered that the activity of most bats substantially decreases on bright moonlit nights.

One exception to the rule were bat species that fly above the trees. No change in the activity of those bats could be detected on brighter nights.

While the reason why most bats prefer dark nights is still unknown, the researchers believe that they are probably hiding from predators or there is less food available during the bright moonlit nights.

The results of the study are published in the journal Mammalian Biology.

Lunar phobic bats dodge the moonlight [BBC Nature]

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