Pennsylvania Proposes Listing Three Bat Species as Endangered

Little Brown Bat with White-nose Syndrome

Photo by USFWS/Southeast

In order to try and protect the current population of three of Pennsylvania’s cave-dwelling bat species, the state’s Game Commission is considering listing the bats as endangered.

The three bat species, northern long-eared, tri-colored and little brown bat, have all been heavily impacted by outbreak of white nose syndrome in the state. Since it’s discovery in December 2008, these bats have experienced a 98 to 99% decline.

A state endangered listing is an effort to avoid a complete Federal listing – exactly what Canada is proposing – which would entail much more extreme regulations.

Other potential actions being considered include seasonal restrictions on timber cutting in close proximity to known maternity sites, protection of hibernacula, restrictions on winter hibernacula human entry and use and the seasonal curtailment of wind turbines in critical areas.

The Game Commission is now looking for input on the measures suggested to try and protect these bats. The public has until September 11th, 2012 to submit their comments to Calvin DuBrock, Director, Wildlife Management, Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

Actions for Protection of Remaining Populations of Northern Long-Eared Bat, Tri-Colored Bat (Formerly Known as the Eastern Pipestrelle) and the Little Brown Bat; Request for Public Comment [Pennsylvania Bulletin via NSS WNS Page]

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