Israel’s Stalactite Cave Opens After Renovations

August 12, 2012 / Israel, Asia
Inside Israel's Stalactite Cave

Photo via Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Israel’s Stalactite Cave has reopened to the public following renovations to improve its lighting, electrical and other infrastructure.

Located on the western slopes of the Judean mountains near Beit Shemesh, Stalactite Cave was discovered by workers after blasting at a nearby quarry.

The work, done in cooperation with the National Insurance Institute and the Israel Government Tourist Corporation, saw the installation of hand railings to improve access for the handicapped and an upgraded LED lighting system.

We had major limitations on the wavelengths of the light that we can use so that the stalagmites are not contaminated by algae. This is the first time in the world where new LED lighting technology was applied but with ecological thinking on how to do it correctly, so that the cave can sustain itself for future visitors. Dr. Noam Leader, head of the Ecology Department at the Science Division of the Nature and Parks Authority

The most significant improvements to the cave since it opened in the 1980’s, these latest renovations cost about two million shekels (half a million USD).

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