Poll: Are you a cave digger?

June 11, 2012
Attempted Cave Dig at Fox Den Cave

Photo by robspiegel/flickr

Caves often have a habit of getting filled with rock, mud and detritus, and there is a faction of cavers that make it their mission to remove these clogs to see what lies beyond.

Often dangerous work, digging caves can be extremely rewarding, with results including connections between caves or newly virgin cave passage.

This week we’re wondering how many of our readers consider themselves cave diggers if any of them have some stories they’d like to share.

Answer the poll below and leave a comment.

Are you a cave digger?

Yes 81% (75 Votes)
No 19% (18 Votes)

  Total Voters: 93

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Last Weeks Results

Last week we asked readers how much driving time is involved in your average caving trip. With no idea what to expect as answers, we were surprised to find that 1/3 of responders on average drive between 2 and 4 hours to go caving. There were even two folks lucky enough to have a cave practically in their backyard and don’t even have to travel more than an hour. In contrast 12% of answerers had to drive more than 8 hours on average.

Thanks to everyone for your answers and comments.

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Comments (1)

  1. Samantha J.
    June 11, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    My dad & I started digging the 2 year we were caving. Found a 96′ Ft. pit the first day we went looking for stuff to dig on. Took several days to dig open but remains the deepest in our county. Since then we have dug open around 25 pits. Have several digs that are still ongoing. Micro blasting works wonders.


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