Cathedral Caverns State Park Converting to LED Lighting

Inside Cathedral Caverns State Park

Photo by faungg/flickr

Alabama’s Cathedral Caverns State Park has started a project to convert its older incandescent lighting system in the cave with LED lighting.

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes have many benefits over incandescent bulbs, one of the main reason to for conversion is increased energy efficiency. They also have a long lifetime, and radiate little heat which is beneficial to a cave in that in can help maintain natural temperatures.

We have already noticed a decrease in our power bill, just from the 200 lights we’ve replaced. We hope to cut our power consumption in half after all the new lighting is installed. Lamar Pendergrass, Cathedral Caverns State Park Manager

The project will be partly funded by a $9,625 grant from the National Park Foundation‘s Impact Grant program, which is designed to help parks which need a small amount of additional funding to accomplish something they could not otherwise.

The conversion is expected to be completed by September.

Cathedral Caverns receives grant for new lighting []

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