Poll: How restricted are caves in your region?

March 12, 2012
Bat Gate at Mine Entrance

Photo by U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

In some regions in the world, caves are largely ignored by officials, while others they are heavily policed.

Some factors in the restriction of access to caves in an area would likely be

  • the abundance of caves in the area,
  • the vicinity to human populations,
  • a history with being vandalized or abused, and
  • the presence of endangered species.

The recent appearance of White nose syndrome in North America will most likely have a big impact in restricting many caves, now and in the future.

Let us know how restricted the cave are in your region by answering the poll or leaving a comment below.

How restricted are caves in your region?

Very 15% (8 Votes)
Somewhat 65% (36 Votes)
Not at All 20% (11 Votes)

  Total Voters: 55

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Last Week’s Results

Last week’s poll had some interesting comments from readers. Even though about 20% of answers indicate that they have never broken a speleothem, some folks couldn’t believe that anyone could claim not to have broken one.

What are the options? “Yes” and “I’m lying”???Hat Stand

The fact is that some caves don’t have many speleothems, and some have so many that it’s nearly unavoidable.

who hasnt crawled through a formation room and popped a soda straw with the battery pack on your helmet? John Doe

On of the neatest comments came from til who had wrote that he/she intentionally harvested speleothems in order to save them from being destroyed in quarry operations later in the year.

Thanks again for all the responses!

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