Extreme Cave Diving Documentary Airs Tomorrow

February 14, 2012
Extreme Cave Diving

Photo via PBS

A new documentary focusing on cave diving airs tomorrow, February 15th on PBS.

Entitled, Extreme Cave Diving, the one hour Nova/National Geographic special follows a team of cave divers exploring blue holes in the Bahamas.

Follow a fearless team of scientists as they venture into blue holes—underwater caves that formed during the last ice age, when sea level was nearly 400 feet below what it is today. These caves, little-known treasures of the Bahamas, are one of Earth’s least explored and most dangerous frontiers. The interdisciplinary team of biologists, climatologists, and anthropologists discover intriguing evidence of the earliest human inhabitants of the islands, find animals seen nowhere else on Earth, and recover a remarkable record of the planet’s climate.

Check local listings to find out exactly when it’s coming on or visit the PBS website and click on the preview link, as we were able to watch the entire hour-long episode online.

Extreme Cave Diving [PBS via Dean Wiseman]

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