New Powered Rope Ascender to Premiere on Episode of ‘Modern Marvels’

November 28, 2011 / United States, North America
ONR's New Powered Rope Ascender

Photo by John F. Williams/ONR

A powered rope acsender will be getting it’s debut tonight on the History Channel show, “Modern Marvels“.

The device, sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) through the TechSolutions program, was designed to assist armed forces in scaling walls, boarding ships, or rescuing casualties but should be equally suited for cave exploration.

The compact handheld unit runs on a rechargeable battery and allows climbers to ascend and descend vertical surfaces quickly, as fast as six feet per second.

The “Modern Marvels” episode that features the ascender is entitled “Weird Machines” and airs tonight on the History Channel. Check local listings for air times.

ONR TechSolutions’ Rope Ascender Premieres in ‘Modern Marvels’ TV Episode [Office of Naval Research]

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  1. Bob
    November 30, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    A functional gas powered rope ascender was built probably about 40 years ago by a member of the Nittany Grotto in State College, Pa. This is not a new and exciting idea. Too bad.


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