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New Petition to Fund White-Nose Syndrome Fight

November 1, 2011 / United States, North America

Using a new tool on the White House website, Bat Conservation International has started a petition to tell the Obama administration to “Fund the fight against White-nose Syndrome in the President’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget.”

The tool, entitled “We the People“, is a new platform that gives Americans a way to create and sign petitions. Best of all, if a petition on the site reaches a threshold, currently 25,000 signatures within 30 days, it will be reviewed by policy officials and an official response will be issued.

The hope is that 25,000 signatures will be collected by November 25th, when the 30 days are up. At the time of writing the total number of signatures is just above 1,500, only 23,500 or so left to go and with that deadline fast approaching, now is the prefect time to sign the petition.

If you already have a whitehouse.gov account, click “Sign In” at the bottom of the petition page, enter your information and then click “Sign this Petition.” If you are new to the whitehouse.gov webpage, click “Create an Account” at the bottom of the petition page. After you enter your information, an automated email will be sent to verify your new account. Once you have set-up your account, click the above link again and then click “Sign this Petition.” When you sign-up for a whitehouse.gov account you can select whether or not you want to receive emails from the Administration. We know it is not easy to register on this site, but remember, you only need to do it once.

Tell the White House [Bat Conservation International]

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