White-nose Syndrome Confirmed in Nova Scotia

April 20, 2011
A Suspicious-Looking Little Brown Bat

Photo by U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Nova Scotia is now the fouth Canadian province to report the presence of White-nose Syndrome. The news comes shortly after WNS was confirmed in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia’s neighboring province to the north.

A little brown bat flying around during the day near Brooklyn, Hants Co., on March 23 came back positive for White-nose Syndrome when tested at the Canadian Co-Operative Wildlife Health Centre on Prince Edward Island. Brooklyn approximately is 50 kilometers north west from the Nova Scotia’s capital city, Halifax.

Nova Scotians are being asked to stay out of caves and old mine workings that are home to bats in order to help slow the spread of the disease.

Early Signs of White-Nose Syndrome Spreading to Bats [Government of Nova Scotia]

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