Rescuers Retrieve Caver Injured Deep Underground

June 23, 2015 / Spain, Europe

A caver was rescued from deep within a Spanish cave after a fall on Saturday left him injured three kilometres (1.8 miles) from the entrance.

Sky News tells that the 45-year-old caver was with friends in the Cuberes cave in Spain’s Catalonia region, when he fell some 6 meters (20 feet) into a crevice.

Unable to reach him, the friends contacted emergency services who deployed 40 rescuers—twelve police officers, 19 rescue specialists, a doctor and nurse, and seven cavers from the Catalan Speleology Federation—and flew them to the cave on Saturday night.

In a story that resembles a rescue that occurred in Canada at the same time, crews worked through the night enlarging sections of the cave to allow the stretcher to fit through the narrow passages.

Eventually, some 26 hours after the rescue began, the teams emerged with the injured caver and sent him to Arnau de Vilanova Hospital in the nearby city of Lleida via helicopter.

Latest reports tell that the unidentified man, who had suffered back injuries from the fall, is now recovering in hospital.

[via Sky News]

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