DNR Officer Rescues Hunting Dog From Deep Crevice

A hunting dog was rescued after it became stuck in a deep crevice near Bloomington, Indiana early last Sunday morning.

The incident occurred during a field trail competition in Ellettsville. The English Blue Tick hunting dog, owned by Steve Bennett of the Columbus area, followed a raccoon into the 7.5 meter (25 foot) deep crevice that was less than 60 centimeters (two feet) wide.

Wedged in the crevice and unable to free itself, Indiana Conservation Officer Ryan Jahn, a member of the Indiana Conservation Officers Cave Rescue Team, was lowered into the opening.

Once on the bottom Jahn was able to free the dog and help bring the dog safely back to the surface where it was reunited with its owner.

DNR officer rescues hunting dog from 25-foot deep crevice [wane.com]

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