Two More Seffner Homes Fall Prey to Killer Sinkhole

The House Under Which the Sinkhole Opened.

The House Under Which the Sinkhole Opened. Screengrab via USA Today

Nearly three months after Jeff Bush was killed when a sinkhole opened up under his home, two neighboring homes have now been demolished.

The two homes, both condemned shortly after the demolition of Bush home, were torn down this past Wednesday.

On Thursday February 28th, 2013 at around 11:00pm, 36-year-old Bush was asleep in his bedroom when the ground opened up beneath his Seffner home and swallowed him.

He was last heard calling for help as the members of his family rushed to his aid.

Despite efforts to rescue him, or at least recover his body, crews began demolishing the home a few days later after it was deemed too dangerous to continue the search for the missing man.

Seffner, a suburb of Tampa is part of an area dubbed “sinkhole alley”. If fact, the area accounts for two-thirds of all the sinkhole-related insurance claims in Florida, a state where sinkholes are already a common occurrence.

Two more Seffner sinkhole homes demolished; report details rescue efforts []

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