Students Break Record for Malaysia’s Largest Caving Expedition

October 13, 2012 / Malaysia, Asia
Fairy Cave in Kuching Sarawak, Borneo

Photo by eugenethephotobug/flickr

A record-breaking caving expedition was recently undertaken in Malaysia’s Fairy Cave.

The attempt to get into the Malaysian Book of Records for the ‘Largest Participation in Caving Expedition’ saw a total 751 students take part in an expedition in Fairy Cave on October 5th and 6th.

The students, which represented eight faculties from the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, began entering the cave at 5:00pm on the 5th with the Reserve Officers Training Unit leading the way marking the path.

The final group of 149 students exited the cave at 7:53pm on the 6th, under 28 hours from when it began.

The event is being touted as a major success by program director Abdul Rahman Nanyan who is excited to set the high benchmark.

Unimas students enter book of records in caving expedition [BorneoPost via Liz Price]

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  1. Ali Yamac
    October 16, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    A very creative and funny way for cave destruction !


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