Connection Found Between Indiana’s Blowing Hole and Binkley Cave

February 13, 2012 / Indiana, United States, North America

This past Saturday February 11th, a connection was made between southern Indiana’s Blowing Hole and Binkley Caves.

A hole found in the breakdown between the 11 kilometer (7 mile) long Blowing Hole Cave and the 44.5 kilometer (27.7 mile) Binkley Cave allowed for physical human contact.

The connection resulted in a total length of the cave at 55.87 kilometers (34.72 miles), with much more passage yet to be discovered.

Map of Breathing Hole/Binkley Cave

Map via Binkley Cave Project Page

Congratulations to everyone involved in the momentous occasion.

For more information visit the Binkley Cave project page or visit the flickr photo gallery of trip.

7 Mile Blowing Hole Cave Connects to 27.7 Mile Binkley Cave [Indiana Speleogical Survey via reader Aaron Valandra]

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