Puerto Rico Unveils New Tourism Region, Features Rio Camuy Caves

December 17, 2011 / Puerto Rico, North America
Entrance of the Cueva Clara of Camuy River Cave Park

Photo by Per Aspera/Wikipedia

This week the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) published its plans to plans to launch a new tourism region, named Porte Atlantico, on the north coast of the Caribbean island.

One of the major attractions for the new region will be the Rio Camuy Cave National Park. The caverns of which are part of one of a massive cave network created by the Rio Camuy, the third-largest underground river in the world.

At an estimated 800 caves, the region itself is thought to be one of the largest cave networks on the planet. So far, only around 200 caves have been located, with just a small part – three large sinkholes and two caves – open to the public.

First discovered in 1958, Cueva Clara is the main attraction of the park. Opened in 1986, it has since become one of the top natural destinations on the island. It features many unique formations and is home to thousands of bats.

Other attractions to the region include the luxury resort centres of Dorado and Hatillo, world-renowned surfing beaches, and the Arecibo Observatory, the location of the largest and most sensitive radio telescope on the planet.

Those visiting the area will soon have the option of staying at the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton Reserve, Puerto Rico’s first six-star hotel, which is slated to open in December 2012.

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