Upcoming Documentary: Caves (Never Before Seen)

November 20, 2011 / United States, North America

Luke McMahon, a cinematographer and caver is working on a new documentary entitled, Caves (Never Before Seen). This new film will follow three cavers as they visit a number of caves in the United States, primarily in the area around Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia (TAG), in order to discover new sights never seen by human eyes.

The goal is that by watching the film, viewers will begin understand the pull that brings so many underground and why some risk their lives to visit these places.

Most of the expeditions will be led by cave photographer Alan Cressler, who was the subject of another documentary that Luke McMahon worked on, A Flash In The Dark: The Cave Photography of Alan Cressler.

In addition to TAG, the documentary will also include an excursion to Ohio’s Old Man’s Cave and a number of caves and lava tubes in Hawaii.

This ambitious project is just about to begin production, and is looking for backers. If you’re interested seeing this documentary come to life, visit it’s Kickstarter page for more information or make a pledge.

Caves (Never Before Seen) [Kickstarter via Luke McMahon]

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