Italy’s Abisso di Malaga Fosetta Passes One Kilometre

June 16, 2011 / Italy, Europe

Gruppo Grotte Emilio Roner RoveretoIn early June, members of the Gruppo Grotte Emilio Roner Rovereto and the Gruppo Grotte Schio Cai descended into Abisso di Malaga Fosetta on an expedition. 32 hours later they emerged after succesfully exceeding the elusive 1 kilometre (0.62 miles) depth mark, the first cave in the region to do so.

It’s new depth jumps it up seven spots from 100th to 93rd deepest cave in the world. With still no end in sight, the monster underneath is just waking up.

Finalmente il primo -1000 del Veneto! Malga Fossetta! [Scintilena via Karst Worlds]

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