Sistema Ox Bel Ha Reclaims Title as Longest Underwater Cave System

March 30, 2011

Sistema Ox Bel Ha This past weekend a team in Quintana Roo, Mexico successfully connected Sistema Ox Bel Ha to Sistema Naranjal. With the connection, the total length of Sistema Ox Bel Ha jumped to 216.45 kilometers (134.49 miles) making it once again the world’s longest underwater cave system, and the 5th longest cave system in the world.

To make the conection between OBH and Naranhal we used o/c side mount configuration with triple stages and double scooters to get to the ends of our existing lines from the nearest entry point. A penetration distance of just over 10,000 feet.

From that point on the cave got really small and the connection was made in no-mount passage past multiple restrictions. – Steve Bogaerts

It was only in Janurary 2011 that it lost the title to it’s sister Sistema Sac Actun. This is a tight race with no sign of it stopping as expeditions to both caves continue to survey new passages and Ox Bel Ha in the lead by just 1.21 kilometers (0.75 miles).

Congratulations to the team on this excellent achievement.

Ox Bel Ha 216.450m! [Espeleobloc]

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