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Lunar Lava Cave Located

March 13, 2011

A huge underground lava tube has been discovered on the moon thanks to Chandrayaan-1, India’s first unmanned lunar probe. The same one that had previously discovered water on the moon back in September 2009.

This monster of a cave is thought to be 1.7-km long and 120 metres wide. With dimensions of that size there is already talk of using it as a possible future moon base. If it’s anything like caves on earth, it could provide a stable temperature and shelter to protect it’s lunar troglodyte inhabitants from the hostile conditions of the surface. Even more so, it would entail much less supplies needed to be shipped from earth to get it started.

While there are no missions planned to the moon in the immediate future, with discoveries like these perhaps when the time does come to revisit our largest satellite a few cavers will be along for the ride.

Cave in moon:Base station for astronauts? [SiliconIndia]

Photo by dingopup

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